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Genevieve and Cornelius Jacobson with some of their infamously elegant wedding cakes.

They would sometimes make as many as 15 wedding cakes in a single weekend.

The new Delano Bakery aka Jacobson Bakery, reopened in Forest Lake, MN, and in a partnership with Saint Agnes bakery in St. Paul, started providing wholesale desserts and pastries for the finest restaurants in the Twin Cities.  


For nearly 25 years, the two bakeries worked together - Saint Agnes made all the breads and buns, and Jacobson Bakery created all the desserts and pastries for dozens of restaurants in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area.  


In 2018, Saint Agnes had to close it's doors.  The Jacobson Bakery is now independent once again, and by popular demand is rebranding itself once again as the infamous and original Delano Bakery.  

The Delano Bakery was first opened in 1948, by Cornelius and Genevieve Jacobson in Delano, Minnesota.  Cornelius "Kerney" was a cook in the army, and had recently returned from WWII.  

They had a 5 year old son, Dale Kerney Jacobson, who started work in the bakery before he was old enough to tie his shoes.  He would watch his father get up at 2am every morning to start baking the bread and buns, frying the doughnuts, brewing the coffee, and getting ready for the bakery to open it's doors.  Every morning at 6am, the bakery door would open and the smell of fresh baked bread, long johns, cake doughnuts, and bismarks wafted down the block and permeated the nostrils of everyone walking by... calling them into the bakery.


The bakery became very well known.  Genevieve was a renowned cake decorator.  She would sometimes decorate as many as a dozen of her elegant wedding cakes in a single weekend.  Neither Gen or Kerney ever missed a single day of work in nearly 50 years.  

Kerney's son, Dale, eventually took over his parent's bakery in the early 1980's.  In 1989, shortly after the birth of their fourth child, Dale and Sue Jacobson sold The Delano Bakery building and moved from the small town to Forest Lake, MN.

If you are one of Saint Agnes Bakery's customers, and are looking to continue ordering the same desserts and pastries you have for the last several years, we can still help you.  We are offering the same products as you've always had, at the same price you've always paid.  You just need to order directly from us now. 


We've streamlined our ordering process, so that you can order and pay online right here on our website.  Regular customers can create an account with us, and you can view all your past orders, keep previous orders on file for easy quick re-ordering, and can find all the information about the different products as well.  Coming soon, you will even be able to check the delivery status of your order.  

Craig Jacobson started helping his dad, Dale Jacobson, in the Delano Bakery before he was tall enough to even see over the countertop.  

Chad Jacobson frying cake doughnuts at age 6

As always, we are committed to excellence.  Excellence in the service we provide and the quality of the product we make.  We stand behind our product and guarantee it to be the best product available.  We want your experience with us to be superb, and will do whatever it takes to keep your business.  We want you to be as thrilled to be doing business with us, as much as we are with you.  


We've been doing this for over 70 years, and we do it better than anyone.  

If you're a new customer and would like to try our products, one of us would be happy to bring you samples of anything we make, and go over our ordering process and pricelist at any time.  We can come to you anytime day or night.  Contact us at 651-321-8618 or 651-470-2954 to setup an appointment.

We are a family run business through three generations, and take care in the finest detail of everything we do.  

Please contact us today and let us know how we can help you fall in love with The Delano Bakery (Jacobson Bakery).

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